Sarah, bless her heart, saddles up across the street from the Cobble Mountain Inn in Lake Placid. Not pictured: the worn-out, fourth generation hand-me-down skis she selected for the journey.

Pops and his newest pricey GORE-TEX® jacket, recently ill but ready for anything!

We couldn't have picked a better day! Perfect warm weather (but not so warm as to make the snow sticky), nobody out (Monday after New Year's Eve), clear skies, and slight frosting of powder on everything.

Once on the trail, we promptly got ourselves lost among the many MTB trails that criss-cross the Lake Placid Club golf courses. was worth it, though, for the view!

After realizing that we'd left our trail behind, we turned around and hopped on a side trail that we thought would take us back. It didn't, but it did take us to another trail...

...Rat Farts.

Andre got the ol' smart phone out, downloaded a map of the bike trail network, and found a way back. Above: the Jackrabbit Trail in all its southbound glory!

Sarah, trucking.

Sarah opts to hoof it instead of wild-riding down on these worthless old skis.

This is not a picture of an icicle.

I usually take a photo of the map at the trail head. It helps avoid the kind of unintended detours we'd experienced earlier on this trip. In this case, however, we didn't see a map until we got to the other end.

Long shadows at high noon.

Icebergs below and skiers atop this bridge over the Ausable River.

Every time I see an electric fence, I have to touch it. This one wasn't on.

I was more afraid of the horses anyway!

Another perk of skiing the day after New Year's: free roadside tiaras!

Another golf course (Craig Wood, I think this time).

We spotted the tracks of some strange creature with a wide stance and a low-hanging satchel.

Whiteface again!

Near the end, Sarah's skis ended up being more trouble than they were worth. Fortunately, we were pretty close to our destination: a hot lunch at the Cascade Cross-Country Ski Center. Sarah ditched the skis in the woods (despite some advice from Pops to ditch them in a dumpster) and walked the rest of the way along Rt. 73. She won the race and was thus awarded the tiara.