"That was from a long time ago. That was on new paper."

"It's a stripy little round picture."

"It's only a picture with yellow dots and 'O's."

"That's just a really stripy one."

"That's just a really squiggly picture."

"That's just so many red crazy things with some lines on it."

"That one just has colors in the middle of the lines."

"Oh. That's just a big squiggly thing."

[I think it looks like a green ghost on top of a crocodile.]

"Things with a lot of stuff on it."

"A thing with spirals in the black part. It's pretty cool. And some fireworks going too. They're coming from that big black thing."

"A stripy thing."

"A rainbow thing. And it's golden."

"A thing where it's like going in a circle. See how it's going in a circle like this?" (*moves hand in circular motion*)

"A thing with like a black dot in the middle. There's actually another little black dot that you can't really see. And it's also rainbow."

"A really big one that kind of looks like yellow that like has green lines and some orange lines."

"A thing with red water coming out of that big dark thing there. And it's also big. And see those white things in the middle? They're right there. They're also hard to see."

"A big one that says 'Otis' in the middle."

"A big black one that's a waterfall. Do you think it's really cool? I don't know where all that water's going..."

"That's the one that I did at the hotel a long time ago. I mean when I slept in the hotel a long time ago. The one where I hung out [at the pool]. That's where that picture came from."

[Otis and I collaborated on this one. I drew the three loops in the bottom left. Otis didn't like it; told me I was "bad." But he wouldn't tell me what I did wrong.]

"A weird one with all the squiggly orange things and colors all around it."

"Spiral in a spiral. What does it say on there? Oh, it means Jerod!"

"That's yellow water coming out of that yellow thing and then it goes into the purple thing and then comes out too. It's a little weird that the water changes colors."

"A really scary one with beautiful colors and white lines in the middle. [It's scary] because it's a little dark."

"One with so many colors with water coming in some pipes. And the water shoots out of the pipes too. And sometimes the water gets mixed up with the other colored water. It's for Juniper. Because June's really nice. And it's also for Dad. Sorry, Mom, not for you!"

"One with a lot of green in it and light colored corners on the side. Do you like how it has some blue and green mixed up, Daddy?"

[This, in my opinion, is the best piece from the whole year!]

"One with mixed up water with brown beans coming out of it? Do you see all those little brown beans?!"

"One with glowing light glowing in the dark. With a kind of chicken in the middle. It kind of looks like chicken, Daddy! And roast beef water coming over the chicken to fry it!"

"One with crazy squiggly things. And an orange thing. And orange dots."

"One with a name that's almost washed away by those lines there. See how the lines are washing it away?"

"One where [I was] trying to make a shell on top of an animal's head."

"One with orange and all colored spirals and little beans in it. And that name [Miss Gwen] is almost washed away by those spirals."

"A lot of black little lumps on it. They're rocks, Daddy."

"Just lines."

"A spiral with some rocks making directions. And it's some colors with a rainbow on top of it. Green and purple and red and black and yellow and a big ball in the middle. And some more green. Those are rocks and one of them is clouds."

"That one doesn't have a name. There's no stories to tell about it."

"One with dots that are a little lumpy. That are too red and that makes it orange."

"One with all kinds of colors and some more rocks."

"One with red hot water and some blue water to cool the fish down. And also there's a sunset from the sun and the fish are going down from the sun. That's a daycare one."

"One where I missed a color. I can't tell if I missed a color. Hmmm... I missed black, Daddy."

"Any dots that go through here get a yellow dot. That means that each of the color dots go through here and then they get this yellow dot. Maybe it's for CC and Larry."

"That's a spider web and some presents. And this one is already opened. That's the one where the new polar bear was. And one of them was a teddy bear and one of them was a new game. There's two new games. You have to buy those presents and open them and you'll see the one with two games. One of them has a new puzzle. One of them has a new tablet game. One of them is actually a puzzle. And one of them is a new tablet for me! There's actually another present coming too. They're not there yet."

[No comment.]

"All those lines are taking that big thing over here. This big thing. This big purple thing there. Because it's in the way and people have to walk there."

"One with a big purple corner and colors all around it and golden orange in the other corner and a black thing covering the corner from the black."

"One with a colored 'O' in the middle. I wish I could do one on the other side."

"One with not very much colors."

"A big purple one! DA-DA! That's a big purple one! DAAAA-DAAAA!"

[No comment.]

[No comment.]

"That's a really crazy blue one. It's really funny. Shunny. Mr. Bunny."

"A big shapey one. With no comment."

"One with a green sun. I don't know why it has a green sun. I don't know."

"I was trying to make 'S's that were just the right size. That was when I was trying to make 'S's that were the right size."

"They're actually windmills! The more lines there is the more faster they get!"

"One with a whole bunch of red. You definitely don't want to go in there! There's so many waters getting sprayed by the pipes that they melt into the pipes."

"Oh! That's a really cool one with a lot of stuff getting mixed up and some names on it."

"One with a lot of red stars. Do you think that one's beautiful? Do you like that one best? Do you think it's cool?!"

"One with a lot of different colored stars."

"A big crunchy one. A kid eating jalapeño peppers. It's actually a kid that got burned by jalapeño peppers and he's not there any more. He died."

"A really pretty one with some dots and really tiny dots on it too."

"A weird little ball thing. That's the earth."

"Huh! That's just a big blue one that's really dark."

"One with a little bit of green. It's mushed by the finger."

"A road where we're going on a drive. Do you know why they're ending? It's because their houses are there. They still need room for houses."

"I was trying to write 'Otis' with just a round 'O'."

"A thing where I was trying to make a happy face. One of them threw a bead at its eye."

[No comment.]

"A dark one with a big scribbly thing."

"One with a few sevens around. I can show you."

"Hey, that's the rainbow one! Do you think it's really colorful? Make sure you write 'yeah.'"

"A strange snail. That's when I was trying to do a spiral."

"A string machine."

"A really good clear one. Is there any more pictures?"