Coming up to the first point after the pier. This one's definitely walkable...

Note the hovering specter of the iPod-clad girl sitting next to me. (All these pictures were taken through a window... please excuse any intrusive reflections. I've tried to edit them out where possible.)

Five people out?! And horses on the beach. All of the points seemed to have groovy headlands like the one at the right.

A solitary peak on an uncrowded beach. What country is this?

A grainy close-up of the previous shot reveals two surfers making the most of their own private, glassy peak.

Point #3.

Nobody out.

Reflection girl has grown larger and more powerful.

A closer shot of Point #3. I can't even begin to tell you how bad it itched being stuck on the train watching these empty, rolling points drift past. (This was just after a run-in with some violent, greedy, and overly aggressive Goleta locals.)

Reef breaks too!

Coming up to another point—oil platform in the distance—you can see the wide, sandy beach that lines the entire coast here.

Most ranch denizens seem to just drive right along the beach. It reminded me a lot of New Zealand (but at least there they have an excuse, what with the miles long left points and all...).

Smaller, but with a nice right shoulder.

Coming up to a big bend in the coast, the swell started picking up in size. This hollow reef, though much further into the ranch, had a bunch of surfers on it.

Here's a closeup of the previous shot... gaping barrel clearly visible.

Just another empty right...

Several points in a row. Looking at the satellite images, I had always fantasized about these points lining up. But seeing how they're lined up, it doesn't really seem feasible.

Still, each of them was par for the day: beautiful, lined up, right point breaks.

(My polarizing filter, in conjunction with the train windows, gave everything a gold tint.)

More gilded ranch swell.

(Actually, the coloring is pretty appropriate, huh?)

This little point reminded me a lot of Refugio. I'm jealous, but I have to admit...

...can you imagine what this place would look like if it had a parking lot?

Further north, around the big turn in the coast, you can see the unhindered swell pounding a rugged beach break.

It's a lot bigger than it looks.

And, in case you haven't figured out where we are yet... here's an inconspicuous missile launch tower.