Online Remedial Music Theory Program

master ZIP files:

Lesson AAA - Basic Interval Progressions
Lesson BBB - Three- and Four-Voice Progressions
Lesson CCC - The Minor Scale
Lesson DDD - Figured Bass
Lesson EEE - The Dominant Seventh Chord
Lesson FFF - The vii° Chord
Lesson GGG - Seventh Chords
Lesson HHH - Nonharmonic Tones
Lesson III - Auxiliary Sonorities
Lesson JJJ - Applied Chords
Lesson KKK - Modulation
Lesson LLL - Mixture
Lesson MMM - The Neapolitan Chord
Lesson NNN - Augmented Sixth Sonorities
Lesson OOO - Other Chromatic Harmonies
Lesson PPP - Fully-Diminished Seventh Chords
Lesson QQQ - Advanced Roman Numeral Usage
Lesson RRR - Pre-Dominant Function
Lesson SSS - Diatonic Sequences
Lesson TTT - Other Diatonic Sequences
Lesson UUU - The Major Scale
Lesson VVV - Major Keys and Key Signatures
Lesson WWW - Minor Keys and Key Signatures
Lesson XXX - Introduction to Rhythm and Meter
Lesson YYY - Simple Meters
Lesson ZZZ - Compound Meters
Lesson !!! - The Circle of Fifths